AI for every doctor.

An AI co-pilot for every clinician.

Our mission is to eliminate human error in medicine. OSLER, our AI co-pilot, will be the world’s first fully digital member of the healthcare team.

Putting humanity back into healthcare.

When clinicians work alongside OSLER, they get back 60% more time and headspace. Safer, faster, kinder care for doctors and patients alike.

A new team member everyone loves.

OSLER is an AI that can use the computer just like a human does; taking notes, summarising, writing letters, ordering tests. And just like a human, OSLER can learn to use any EHR as well.

Private, cybersecure, healthcare-compliant.

OSLER was built by clinicians, for clinicians, designed from the ground-up to protect patient privacy, be cybersecure and compliant with HIPAA, GDPR. DPST and pending ISO27001 regulations.

Automate any workflow, across any system.

OSLER will use any EHR and any other program (e.g. PACS) on your system, without the need for integrations. Automating and supplying clinical AI in any workflow, however complex or multi-system.

Clinicians on OSLER

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