Our mission is to make medicine kinder, better, and safer by having clinicians co-work with AI. TORTUS, our AI co-pilot, will be the world’s first fully digital healthcare team member. 

A digital worker for digital work

TORTUS is an advanced AI-powered assistant with capabilities similar to a human user.

1. Record & Transcribe

Always up-to-date speech recognition for ambient and intelligent dictation

2. Summary, Letter & Codes

Instant notes with style and structure emulation

3. Intellegent Dictation

Instant voice dictation into the clipboard to paste into any field

4. Workflow Automation

We are building the capability to control all Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other programs on your computer, such as PACS, without requiring any additional integrations.

This means that TORTUS is flexible and can automate and provide clinical AI solutions in any workflow, no matter how complex or multi-system it may be

An AI Interface for Your EHR

Welcome to Touchless Computing

TORTUS, our cutting-edge AI interface, leverages advanced speech-to-text AI and large language models to revolutionize medical documentation processes and remove the friction of your EHR. Discover the future of simplified, streamlined, and secure clinical digital workloads.

Beautiful design, clinical accuracy

TORTUS was designed by practising doctors, expert software designers and machine learning scientists. It fits seamlessly into your daily routines.

A super-simple and intuitive system listens to your consultation and creates your medical documentation, codes and more.

Our company mission is to make your life as a clinician better. It’s as simple as that.

Current Features

Empowering Clinicians with Advanced AI

State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition:

Stay ahead with our always up-to-date speech recognition technology designed for both ambient and intelligent dictation. This feature ensures that every word spoken in a clinical setting is captured accurately and efficiently.

Instant Medical Notes:

Generate medical notes instantly that capture the details of the conversation and emulate the style and structure of your preferred documentation format. This allows for seamless integration into existing systems and practices.

Instant Referral Letters:

Streamline your communications with patients and colleagues. Whether it’s referrals or updates, our AI enables instant, clear, and effective exchanges, improving coordination and care delivery.

Clinical Coding Suggestions:

Reduce the complexity of coding with AI-driven ICD-10 and SNOMED (coming soon) coding suggestions. This tool helps ensure accurate billing and reduces the administrative burden on clinicians.

Upload Audio Files for Telephone Consultations:

Our system supports both VoIP consultations and offline interactions through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, enhancing flexibility and accessibility for all users.

Exclusive Technology for Annual Users:

Commit to a year with Tortus and receive state-of-the-art microphones featuring a 200m range, perfect for large clinical settings and ensuring clear audio capture.

Future Features:

Setting New Standards in Healthcare AI

Natural Language Interface:

Interact with our AI using natural language, making it easier than ever to manage tasks and access information without complex commands or manual searches.

Information Summarization:

Quickly summarize extensive medical records, providing physicians with concise, relevant information at a glance. This feature aims to enhance decision-making and patient care planning.

Downstream Actions:

Look forward to capabilities like ordering tests, scheduling appointments, document triage and more, directly through the AI interface. Integrated directly into EMIS/TPP or Epic.

At Tortus, we are committed to continuously expanding our features to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals.


Our AI is designed not just to assist but to transform how clinicians work, enabling better care, reduced administrative load, and more meaningful patient interactions.


Join us on this journey towards a smarter, more connected healthcare experience.

Coming Soon

Soon, TORTUS will be fully customisable for your workflow and style

1. Upload a template

2. Extract structure and style

3. Apply it

Elevate Your Practice

With TORTUS, reduce time spent on paperwork and increase patient interaction. Our technology not only boosts efficiency but also fosters stronger connections between healthcare providers and patients. TORTUS is more than just a tool—it’s your partner in healthcare delivery.

Reduce clinician turnover and burnout with better QoL

25% time saved versus EHR use alone

Doubles the quality of documentation

Headspace for the GP – freedom from the keyboard 

Join the TORTUS Revolution

Transform your clinical practice with TORTUS. Many healthcare professionals have already enhanced their care delivery using our technology.