From Stressed Doc to Energized GP: How TORTUS Transformed My Clinic

I’m a general practitioner, and like many of you in the profession, I can tell you – clinic days can be marathons. Between consultations, paperwork, and keeping up with everything, it’s easy to feel burnt out by the end of the week.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was juggling note-taking during consultations. It took my focus away from the patient, and let’s be honest, sometimes details fell through the cracks. Trying to remember tasks, ‘extras’ mentioned by the patient and stressing about the rest of the clinic.

I looked around trying to find something that would change my day – I’d tried voice dictation before, and while quicker than typing I still had to remember what had happened and organise it into coherent notes. Having seen all the AI hype, I thought ‘something must be around that can help’. And then I found TORTUS. 

It’s a game-changer, and I want to tell you why.

Focus on What Matters: The Patient

TORTUS uses ambient listening AI to transcribe consultations for me; this means I can ditch the notepad and give my patients my full attention. It’s a huge difference! I can make better eye contact, actively listen, and truly understand their concerns.

Accurate & Patient-Centric Notes

The best part? TORTUS is incredibly accurate. It’s not just a transcription of the conversation, TORTUS uses AI to summarise and  capture the nuances of the conversation, including not just what I say, but the patient’s perspective as well. This allows for more comprehensive follow-ups and better continuity of care.

Transparency: Patients See the Bigger Picture

Having comprehensive, structured notes including patient perspective, plans and differentials makes life so much easier in this age of notes access. What we talked about, and decided together is in plain English and easy for the patients to understand.


Reduced Workload, Increased Efficiency

But the benefits extend beyond the consultation room. TORTUS has significantly reduced my cognitive load. Filling out referrals and paperwork after appointments used to be a chore, but with TORTUS’s accurate notes, it’s a breeze.

The best perk? I often find myself finishing consultations ahead of schedule! This allows me to catch up on referrals and administrative tasks without feeling rushed. Just before I wrote this, I finished 15 minutes ahead of time in an afternoon clinic.

Feeling Energized, Not Exhausted

The impact on my well-being has been dramatic. Clinics are relaxed, and ther’;s no more post-clinic fatigue! I leave work feeling energized and focused, ready to tackle the next day.

Are you a GP looking for a way to transform your clinic? I highly recommend checking out TORTUS. It’s a simple solution that yields big results for both doctors and patients.

Let’s start prioritizing patient-centered care, lighten our workload, and end the day feeling like rockstars, not zombies!