The Tortus Team

Rethinking clinicians’ interaction with digital tools is essential to eliminate burnout risk

As pressures on healthcare teams continue to rise, clinician burnout continues to pose a significant threat to the safe delivery of patient care within health systems globally. Recent research from The University of Bath suggests that half of NHS staff are currently experiencing burnout symptoms, and a survey from the BMA has found up to 73% of trainee GPs to be suffering with the condition.  In April of 2024, working alongside experts from an NHS Trust, colleagues at TORTUS published

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AI in medical school: the impact on tomorrow’s doctors

As the world enters a post-pandemic era of healthcare, the next system-defining challenge is already here: Artificial intelligence (AI). Whilst the arrival of AI promises to reshape the very foundations of healthcare, the task ahead lies in unlocking this full potential. At TORTUS, our mission is to empower every clinician to co-work alongside AI: ‘AI for every doctor’. However, we acknowledge that healthcare AI is a fast moving industry and many of you may not know where to start. So join us as we begin our new “AI in…” series where we discuss how AI is changing healthcare and how you can stay up to speed. We’re starting our series at the very beginning of a clinician’s journey…

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